Building EBM+ Workshop



On September 5th and 6th 2016, a number of our EBM+ consortium members and colleagues from far afield came together for our 2-day ‘Building EBM+ Workshop’, held at UCL on behalf of the STS department.

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What philosophy does EBM need?


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Thanks to David Norris for his comment (@davidcnorrismd) as I had indeed missed his review of the recent book Ending Medical Reversal by Vinayak Prasad and Adam Cifu. I now look forward to part 2 of his post as I’m curious to learn about his ideas in part 1 to “move clinical science beyond the Stone Age”.

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Why mechanisms matter

I think that every academic has had the dispiriting experience of writing what they thought was a good paper, only to have great difficulty publishing it. This post is about one of these – which has been hanging about in my “do something with this, someday” file for four years or so.

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Miriam Solomon on Medical Epistemology

Miriam Solomon has recently published a book on Medical Epistemology (Making Medical Knowledge, Oxford University Press, pp. 261 + xvi).  This gives a good critical exposition of trends in the last 40 or so years.  There are three chapters on Consensus Conferences, two on Evidence-Based Medicine, one on Translational Medicine, and one on Narrative Medicine.  Solomon devotes the last chapter of her book to her own position which she characterises as a ‘Developing, Untidy, Methodological Pluralism’, though, as she points out on p. 208, this has the unfortunate acronym: DUMP.

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