Author: Charlie Norell

Have you recently needed to recite the dates of King Tut’s rule? Nope. Not necessary. Finding information at the point of care?  Knowing how healthcare systems work? Necessary.  We learn so many things that we never need. Evidence based medicine (EBM) is so important and our time with students so limited, that we must teach the most clinically relevant EBM topics.  Take (or leave, really) the pyramid of evidence for example.


On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th of May we had a meeting with the head of the IARC-monographs Kurt Straif in Lyon to discuss our project research and how it could impact the practices of IARC. IARC is short for the International Agency for Research on Cancer.


Last week we held a conference at UCL to mark the end of our first School Volunteering Programme – ‘Your Health, Your Evidence 2017‘ – and what a resounding success it was too! Attended by mixture of A-level school students, teachers, academic staff and university students, this conference was a way of both giving back and gaining feedback from the programme’s participants (see right, “if you plan it, they will come” – Clarke, 2017).


The whole afternoon went like so… (more…)