Connecting the medical humanities with healthcare

May 8, 2018 Jon Williamson

This was the title of the final workshop of the project Evaluating evidence in medicine, supported by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council. It was held on 2-3 May at the Royal Asiatic Society in London.

The workshop consisted of round-table discussion invigorated by brief opinionated talks by: Mark Tonelli, Bianca de Stavola, Julian Reiss, Jacob Stegenga, Annamaria Carusi, David Teira, Christopher Blunt, Sarah Edwards, Erman Sozudogru, James McMilligan and Virginia Ghiara. There was also a short report by Brendan Clarke and Phyllis Illari on some EBM+ evidence assessment tools that will appear shortly in the EBM+ handbook, Evaluating evidence of mechanisms in medicine: principles and procedures.

This round-table worked very well. The discussion was lively and constructive. It is clear that connections between philosophy of medicine and healthcare can be fruitful to both parties and that events like this help to forge a dynamic interaction.

May thanks to Hernan Felipe Bobadilla Rodriguez and Brendan Clarke for organising a great workshop.

Jon Williamson
Centre for Reasoning, University of Kent