The 9th MuST Conference in Munich

The 9th conference of the Munich-Sydney-Tilburg (MuST) conference took place in  Munich, 31 March – 2 April 2016. The aim of the conference was to gather philosophers and scientists of the natural and social sciences in order to examine the theoretical and methodological issues involved in evidence evaluation, statistical inference and causal inference in relation to risk assessment and management in various disciplines, with a special attention to pharmacology.

Some of the questions that have been raised in the conference were:

  1. How should we collect, evaluate, and use evidence for the purpose of risk management and prevention?
  2. What methods should be adopted in causal inference for preventing harm?
  3. What kinds of scientific inferences are we allowed to draw from data-mining techniques?
  4. What are the relevant decision-theoretic dimensions involved in different kinds of risks, and what kinds of decision rules are more advisable in diverse contexts?
  5. What types of uncertainties can we identify when dealing with hazards?

EBM+ Participation in the MuST9 conference

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