New directions in medical methodology

June 13, 2019 Jon Williamson

This was the title of a workshop held on 11 June 2019 at the University of Kent. This workshop explored practical consequences of recent philosophical work on health.

Videos are available of the talks:

  • Alexandra Trofimov: Clarifying the duty to inform. Video
  • Michael Wilde: Expanding the notion of evidence in evidence-based medicine. Video
  • Jon Williamson: Evidential proximity, independence, and the evaluation of carcinogenicity. Video
  • Daniel Auker-Howlett: Domain expertise in evidence evaluation. Video
  • Virginia Ghiara: Collecting mechanistic evidence to design and evaluate immunisation programmes. Video
  • David Corfield: Health methodology and the psychosomatic approach to medicine. Video

The workshop was organised by the Health Methodology Group of the Centre for Reasoning at the University of Kent. This group works on the foundations of evidence-based medicine and values-based healthcare, as well as concepts of health and disease and problems to do with medicine and the law.