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  1. Great to see this post. As someone engaged with philosophy and medicine for three decades, the relevance issue is critical. Physicians are typically skeptical of messages coming from non-physicians. Both sides need to understand the language and concerns of the other, and this must extend to the realm of the patient and their lived experience. So the ethical and epistemic dimensions of medicine need to be integrated and we are dimly aware of how that can be achieved. It is an area quite open for conceptual and applied research.
    It would be great to find ways for philosophers of medicine to be in the clinic and at case discussions where issues related to causal reasoning bump into clinical decision making and ethical concerns from the simplest to the most complex case. One thing that is important is not to lose the momentum and interest that is clearly manifest in philosophy of medicine. In 30 years, this is the most intellectual activity I have seen. Art Caplan actually laments that more attention was not devoted to moving this field forward. I think he would have a much different view today. We should ask him if he wants to rewrite his paper in light of current developments.

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